EP122 Measurement Techniques and Calibration
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Dr. Ahmet Bingül
Department of Engineering Physics
Gaziantep University

Lecture Notes Additional Documents and Softwares
Topic 0: Introduction to Course  
Topic 1: Basic Concepts (Errors)  
Topic 2: Error Propagation GU: Experimental Errors
SU: Introduction to Experimental Errors
Topic 3: Introductory Probability
Topic 3: Olasiliga Giris
See the Chance website.
An opensource book and exercise solutions.
Data files used in the lecture
Topic 4: Introductory Statistics Histogram plotter program
Topic 5: Measurement Systems  
Topic 6: Metrology Kisaca_Metroloji
Topic 7: Calibration Genel Metroloji
Kalibrasyonda Belirsizlik Hesapları
Kalibrasyon Notlari
Topic 8: Curve Fitting  

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