EP486 Microcontroller Applications
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Dr. Ahmet Bingül
Department of Engineering Physics
University of Gaziantep

You can buy the following set:

In addition you should have the following two sensors:
SEN 136B5B Ultrasonic Range Finder
MPU 6050 Accelerometer + Gyro

Lecture Notes Additional Documents and Softwares
Topic 0: Introduction to Course Arduino Homepage
Arduino Türkiye
Simulator for Arduino
Topic 1: Review of C/C++ cpp.gantep.edu.tr
C Programlama Dili'ne Giriş
Topic 2: Processing processing.org
Arduino and Processing
Topic 3: Review of Electronics Electronics Tutorials
Ders Notlari
Topic 4: Arduino Apps: LED, Potentiometer, 7 Segment Display  
Topic 5: Arduino Apps: LDR, RGBLED, LM35 and LCD  
Topic 6: Arduino Apps: Step & Servo motors, Joystick, Water Sensor  
Topic 7: Arduino Apps: Microphone and Remote Control IRremote.zip
Topic 8: Arduino Apps: Using Arduino Data in C++ and in Processing ArduinoInCPP.rar
Topic 9: Arduino Apps: Ultrasonic Sensor An Ultrasonic Radar Application
using Arduino & Processing
Topic 10: Arduino Apps: RFID RC522.h
Topic 11:Arduino Apps: Use of relay to control 220V
Topic 12:Arduino Apps: MPU6050 IMU Sensor MPU6050.zip | I2Cdev.rar
Topic 13:Arduino Apps: Optical Communication using IR LED and pin diode Serial communication between two
computers via standalone C++. sercom_main1.cpp
[Requiremnets: ArduinoInCPP.rar]


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