OPAC 202 Optical Design and Instrumentation
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Dr. Ahmet Bingül
Department of Optical & Acustical Engineering
Gaziantep University


Lecture Notes [PDF] Additional Documents / Softwares
Chapter 01: Introduction to Course  
Chapter 02: Optical Design  
Chapter 03: Introduction to Zemax  
Chapter 04: Review of Elementary Optics AiryDisk
Chapter 05: Thin Lens Ray Tracing (y-u method) StopsAndPupils (MIT) | codes
Chapter 06: Paraxial (Thick Lens) Ray Tracing (y-nu method) Principle Planes (MIT)
Chapter 07: Matrix Method Matrix Method (Pedrotti)
Chapter 08: Exact Ray Tracing A MATLAB program for Paraxial and Real Ray Tracing
Chapter 09: Aberrations Web Based Software for Achormat Lens Design
Chapter 10: Optical Materials  
Chapter 11: Lens Catalog  
Chapter 12: Beam Expanders  
Chapter 13: MTF  
Chapter 14: Tolerancing in Zemax Tolerance Analysis
Chapter 15: Coating  
Chapter 16: Non-Sequential Mode in Zemax mylens.IGS
Appendix A: MATLAB Tutorial