Başlık Dosya Tipi Tarih
Yeni Fiziğe Doğru PDF Ocak 2008
Sihirli Kareler HTML Şubat 2005

Title File Type Date
Advantages of C++ over C for Teaching PPT & PDF May 2009
A Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Stern-Gerlach Experiment PPT & PDF Apr 2008
A C++ Tutorial for Fortran 95 Users PPT & PDF Jun 2007
Inclusive Production of the rho+-(770) Meson in Hadronic Decays of the Z Boson PPT & PDF Apr 2007
Monte Carlo Simulation of the Measurement of Charged Pion Lifetime PPT & PDF Mar 2006
The Large Electron-Positron Collider, and the ALEPH Detector HTML Jan 2005
A Ranking Method for Neutral Pion and Eta Selection in Hadronic Events HTML Sep 2004
Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods HTML Jan 2004
Monte Carlo Simulation of the CERN Muon Storage Ring HTML Jan 2003
A 'ranking' method for neutral pion selection in high multiplicity hadronic events HTML Jan 2001

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