A Monte Carlo Simulation of Radioactive Decay

This is a truly random proceses. The probability of decay is constant. The probabilty that a nucleus undergoes radioactive decay in time dt is p:

p = λ dt    (for λ dt <<1)

where λ (decay constant) is probability per unit time for the decay of each nucleus of a given nuclide.

Consider a system initially having N0 unstable nuclei. How does the number of parent nuclei, N, change with time?

Theoretically, the number of undecayed nuclei at time t is given by:

N = N 0 exp (- λ t )

where N0 is the number of parent(undecayed) nuclei at t = 0.

 Determine N0   (initial number of parents)
 Determine λ    (decay constant)
 Determine Tmax (any time)
 Determine dt   (time step)

 N = N0

 LOOP from t=dt to Tmax, step dt

    LOOP over each remaining parent nucleus
      # Generate a random number R between [0,1] from a uniform distribution
      R = uniform_RandomNumber()

      # Decide if the nucleus decays:
      # reduce the number of parents by 1
      IF( R < λ dt ) N = N-1
    END LOOP over nuclei

    # calculate theoratical value
    Ntheory = N0 * exp(-λt) 

    Record t, N and Ntheory

 END LOOP over time