Text Box:  CV - Prof. Dr. B. Gonul


Personel History:

Name and Surname

: Bulent GONUL

Date of Birth and Place

: 18th March 1961, Malatya

Marital status

: Married with 2 children

Job Address

: Engineering Physics Department 
  University of Gaziantep 
  Gaziantep, Turkiye

Home Address

: Acelya villalari 
  No: 31, 27310 Gaziantep, Turkiye


:+90 (342) 317 22 03 - Job
  532-270 38 91 - GSM


Educational History:


Supervisor: Dr. J. A. Tostevin.

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof Dr. M. Simsek.



Degrees Obtained:







·  03.02.2009-19.08.2010 : Dean of Engineering Faculty, University of Gaziantep

·  02.2003-08.2004 : Director of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Gaziantep.

·  09.1999-05.2001 : Chairman, Dept. of Engineering of Physics, University of Gaziantep.

·  11.1995-05.2011 : Head of Nuclear Physics Group, Dept. of Engineering of Physics, University of Gaziantep.

·  10.1985-10.1990 : Research Assistant, Dept. of Engineering of Physics, University of Gaziantep.

Research Specializations-Thesis:



Lecturing Experiences:

A ) Undergraduate Courses and Laboratories

·  General Physics I-II (Mechanics and Electrical Physics)

·  Quantum Physics

·  Atomic And Molecular Physics

·  Modern Physics

·  Nuclear Physics I-II

·  Nuclear Physics Laboratory


B ) Graduate Courses

·  Advanced Quantum Mechanics

·  Scattering Theory and Nuclear Reactions

·  Numerical Solutions of Quantum Mechanical Problems

·  Applications of Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics in Atomic and Molecular Physics

Supervised Thesis:

·  O. Ozer (MSc): Phase-Equivalent Supersymmetric Deep and Shallow Potentials (July-1999).

·  M.Yilmaz (PhD.): A Study in the Analysis of Nuclear Transfer Reactions Involving Deuteron and One-Neutron Halo Nuclei (January-2000).

·  I. Zorba (MSc): Supersymmetric Solutions of Non-Central Potentials (July-2000).

·  M. Kocak (MSc): Mappings between potentials (September, 2002)

·  D. (Tutcu) Toktamis (MSc): Exact solutions of effective-mass Schrodinger equations (September, 2002)

·  Y. Cancelik (MSc): Large-N expansions in quantum mechanics (September, 2002)

·  O. Ozer (PhD): SUSYQM and its applications in physics (June 2003)

·  S. Baz (MSc): Supersymmetric perturbation theory (January, 2005)

·  N. Celik (MSc): Applications of a new approach to bound-states (January, 2006)

·  M. Kocak (PhD): Applications of a novel approach to relativistic and non-relativistic problems in physics (July, 2007)

·  M. Capak (MSc): A search on helim-like atoms (July, 2010)

·  S. Atay (MSc):Comprehensive treatments for Schrodinger equations involving constant and non-constant masses (January, 2012)

·  A. Elmas (MSc):An overview on the nuclear level density calculations (December, 2014)

·  M. Capak (PhD): Special solutions of the Bohr Hamiltonian with the Woods-Saxon potential (July 2015)


·  Y Cançelik (PhD): A novel approach for heavy quarkonium spectra (June 2016)


Attended Projects:

·  Tubitak TBAG-1601 (Project No:197T020)
Project Supervisor : Assist. Prof. Dr B. Gönül
Assistants: M. Yilmaz (PhD Student) and Dr J.A. Tostevin (University of Surrey-UK)
Name of the Project: Theoretical Analysis of Nuclear Reactions Including Deuteron and Be-11
Dates : 03.03.1997-02.03.1999

·  Tubitak ARDEB-1002 (Project No:113F218)
Project Supervisor : Prof. Dr B. Gönül
Assistant: M. Capak (PhD Student)
Name of the Project: Use of Woods-Saxon potential in nuclear quantum phase transitions
Dates : 02.12.2013-01.12.2014




Supersymmetric WKB Solutions Of Some Potentials, Chem. Phys. Lett. 172 (1990) 499

Adiabatic Treatment of Final States in (p,d*) reactions, Phys. Rev. C53. (1996) 2949

An Investigation for The Modification Of The Quasi-Adiabatic Theory, Turkish Journal of Physics, Vol. 20 (1996) 508.

An Approximate Three-Body Theory For The Nuclear Reactions, Turkish Journal of Physics, Vol. 20 (1996) 773.

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Breakup Effects In Transfer Studies With Halo Nuclei, Balkan Phys. Lett., special issue, (1999) 277.

Significance of deuteron breakup in halo transfer, Few-body Systems 29 (2000) 223.

Halo structure of C-19 via the (p,d) reaction, Few-body Systems 30 (2001) 211.

Supersymmetric solutions of non-central potentials, Phys. Lett. A 269 (2000) 83.

Investigation of phase-equivalent potentials by a halo transfer reaction, EPJA 9 (2000) 19.

Prompt neutron spectrum and neutron multiplicity in spontaneous fission of Cf-252, Phys. Rev. C63 (2001) 24603.

The effect of iterative solutions in the quasi-adiabatic treatment of transfer reactions involving deuterons,
T. Jour. Phys., 24 (2000) 93.

Hamiltonian hierarchy and the Hulthen potential,
Phys. Lett. A 275 (2000) 238.


      Remarks on the Woods-Saxon potential, Mod. Phys. Lett. A  31 (2016) 1650134



Invited Talks at Conferences:

Extended Adiabatic Models For Breakup, Genkshika Kenkyu, Vol.40, No.2, p-95 (invited Conf. Paper)

Contributions at Conferences:

SWKB Metodu Ile V(x)=A2/x(m+1) Potansiyelinin Cozumu, 11. ulusal Fizik Kongresi, TFD., 64, Ankara.

Beyond The Adiabatic Treatment of Breakup in Three-Body Systems, Conference on Nucleer and Partical Physics, 28 ( Glasgow-Ingiltere) 1993

Three-Body Effects in (p,d) and (p,d*) reactions, I.O.P Annual Congress, 32 (Brighton-Ingiltere) 1994

An Extended Adiabatic Approach for Nuclear Reactions, II. Kizilirmak Uluslarasi Fen Bilimleri Kongresi (Fizik), 20-22 May, 491 (1998)

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The Role of Breakup Effects in Transfer Studies with Halo Nuclei, Balkan school on Nuclear Physics, Sep. 1-10, Istanbul, Turkiye, (1998)

Nukleer reaksiyonlarin analizinde kullanilan quasi-adiabatic modele farkli bir açidan bakis, 17-th Physics conference, 124 (1998).

A Study On The Halo Structure of 19C Via The (p,d) Reaction, A-45, Bologna 2000-International Conference On Structure Of The Nucleus At The Dawn Of The Century, May 29-June 3, Bologna, Italy, (2000)

N-Boyutlu Uzayda Perdelenmis Coulomb Potansiyeli ve Anharmonic Osilator Potansiyelinin Birlestirilme Islemi , Turk Fizik Dernegi 21. Fizik Kongresi (TFD-21), 11-14 Eylul 2002, Ozetler-s.150

Degisken Efektif Kutle Iceren Fiziksel Sistemlerin Tam Cozumleri, Turk Fizik Dernegi 21. Fizik Kongresi (TFD-21), 11-14 Eylul 2002, Ozetler-s.268

Two electrons in a quantum dot: a unified approach, NanoTR-III (International conference on nonoscience and technology, page-11, 11-14 June 2007, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

Published Books:

Experiments in Nuclear Physics, ISBN: 975-7375-27-6, First Edition (September, 2000)

Published articles at Scientific Magazines:

Chance or Choice: Is the Universe an Accident, Fountain (Popular Educational and Scientific Magazine), Vol.2, 11 (1995)

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