ARC427 Acoustics in Architecture

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Lecture Subject
Week 1 Introduction
Week 2 Basic concepts of architectural acoustics I
Week 3 Basic concepts of architectural acoustics II
Week 4 Fundamentals of Room acoustics
Week 5 Sound absorption mechanism
Week 6 Sound absorption mechanism
Week 7 Insulation of Airborne sound
Week 8 Insulation of Airborne sound
Week 9 Airborne sound insulation
Week 10 Insulation of Structure sound
Week 11 1st Midterm  on November 29, at 13:30
Week 12 HVAC noise control, vibration isolation
Week 13 Acoustic design of of a whole room
Week 14 2nd Midterm  on December 18, at 13:30
Week 15  Project Presentation

Projects of 2019-2020 Semestre

Example form of Project


Exercises on Midterm (NEW)


Exam Results




1. Environmental and Architectural Acoustics, Second edition, Z. Maekawa, J. H. Rindel and P. Lord

2. Architectural Acoustics, Second Edition, Marshall Long.

3. Industrial Noise Control and Acoustics, Randall F. Barron

4. The master hand book of acoustics, F. Alton Everest, Fourth edition.