OPAC 102 Introduction to Acoustics

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Date Subject
February,10 1.Introduction to mechanical vibrations(NEW)
February,17 Oscillating Waves
February,24 Oscillating Waves
March,02 2. Wave Motion
March,09 3. Sound Wave
March,16 Sound Wave
March,23 Standing Wave
March,30 1st Midterm at 13:30.
April,6 4-Superposition and Interference of Sound Waves
April,13 5-Acoustic Variables
April,20  Acoustic Variables
April,27 6-The acoustical wave-equation and simple solution.
May,4 2nd Midterm at 13:30.
May,11 7-Reflection and Transmission of Sound Waves
May,18 Music and Speech, Human Hearing
June,02 2nd Midterm at 13:30.



Example Exam Questions (New): MT 

Problems on Exam

Exam Results(NEW)


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2. Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Raymond A. Serway and John W. Jewett
3. Vibrations and Vibrations, George C. King School of Physics & Astronomy,

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