EP 212 Circuit Analyses

First Midterm

Time Duration: 110 Mins.


Q.1-) Find the equivalent resistance between

the points A and B in figure 1. Assume

that all of the resistors have 1 W. (25 points)







Q.2-) Solve all node voltages and element currents

            in figure 2. Indicate the direction of currents

            and polarities of voltages on the circuit

elements. (40 points)






Q.3-) Find the value of voltages and currents

Through each circuit elements in

figure 3. (35 points)









Q.4-) Using superposition theorem, find the

Value of current i through 1 W resistor

in figure 4. (20 points)












EP 212 Circuit Analyses

Second Midterm

Time Duration: 110 Mins.



Q.1-)  For the given RC circuit, obtain the

Mathematical expressions of  Vc(t), İc(t),

and VR(t) if the capacitor has initial

voltage Vi.   (Vc(t=0)=Vi)




Q.2-) For the given network, an initial current

iL(t=0)=2.5 mA is flowing through the

inductor following the closing of the

switch. Find the value of current IL(t)

and voltage vL(t) at t=6x10-3 sec.





Q.3-) Determine the secondary

Current  I2 required to

establish  a flux of

Fabef=1.5x10-4 Wb

in the section of the

core indicated in

the given figure.




Q.4-) a-) What is the phase relationship between the sinusoidal waveforms of

each of the  following sets.

                        i-) i=15sin(wt+600)                                       ii-)  i=-2cos(wt-600)

                            v=10sin(wt-200)                                             v=3sin(wt-1500)            


b-) The voltage across a 5 W resistor is given by VR(t)=30 sin(377t+200),

find the sinusoidal expression for the current. Sketch the VR(t) and i(t)

sinusoidal waveforms on the same axis.


c-) The current through a 20 W inductive reactance is given by

iL(t)=3cos(wt+100), find the sinusoidal expression for the voltage.

Sketch the Vl(t) and iL(t) sinusoidal waveforms on the same axis.






EP 212 Circuit Analyses

Final Exam

Time Duration: 100 Mins.


1 -) Find the currents through 2 W resistor

            in the given figure. (30 p)









2-) For given circuit, solve node voltages,

      voltages across the each resistor and

      currents through the each resistor.

     Indicate the direction of currents

Through the resistor and polarities

of voltages on each resistor. (45 p)






3-) For the given network, find the

value of voltage (Vc(t), Ic(t)) and

current across the capacitor at

t= 20 and 70 sec. (25 p)







4-) Find the value of currents through

the each circuit elements for t>5t

in the given fig. (20 p)






Good Luck