Optically & Thermally Stimulated Luminescence (OSL & TL) Group
Gaziantep University 
(Major Equipments)
Major OSL and TL equipment includes :
1-) TLD Dosimeters
2-) 1-Harshaw 3500 Manual Model TLD Reader
3-) 1-Littlemore Scientific Engineering Manufactured 9010 OSL system   with OSL stimulation sources of green diodes.
4-) Irradiation facilities included with the systems consist of a 90Sr/90Y beta source. 
5-) The laboratory is also generously equipped with various light sources, microprocessor
      controlled ovens, spectrometers, light detection systems and electronic test equipment. 
6-) Low-Level Alpha Counters are available to dedect alpha particles.
7-) Cary 5 spectrophotometers are available for routine absorption measurements in the 
      near-ir-vis-uv ranges.